hi i'm eunice the techfreelancer

I am an adept techie from Kenya – a beautiful country in Africa with thousands of magnificent landscapes and wildlife. 

Technology is my bread and butter. I greatly appreciate the transformation it has brought to the world and the speed with which it is taking off to even unimaginable heights.

With Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, smart homes, and self-driven cars, the future is here. There is no better way to live it than to leverage the massive potential brought about by technology to grow businesses far and wide beyond imaginable thought.

It is all over the internet now that the human attention span is lower than that of a goldfish. The reasons are obvious – the distraction that comes with technology.
I am aware of the good and the bad – in technology. I am ready to deliver value, creativity, and unmatched well-crafted content.

Now that you’ve proven that I am not a robot, thankfully no human has turned to one yet; have a look at the value you get when you hire this creative.