This is what you get and so much more..

Guest Posts

I will help you reach a bigger audience by writing guest posts in an authoritative blog for your niche. With guest posts in renowned blogs, you have a stronger brand, wider reach, and clientele.

Extra Ordinary Content

The web trades on content. With thousands of new businesses coming up, your business will be as good as dead without the right content. But worry, not the techie got you covered! With my in-depth understanding of the industry and current business trends, I will write you content that yields results. Be it traffic, sales, the value you name it. Oh, and did I mention the bonus? Before I put down my pen on paper, I take time to understand my client’s needs. With my exceptional skills, I help clients identify important needs they had overlooked. A consultancy bonus!

Ghost Writing

My clients in this category are the business owners, the CEOs who have a myriad of tasks to knock off under a tight timeline. On their behalf, I gather business insights, patterns and discuss topics they have a keen interest in. Sometimes my work gets published on their company website. I take my time to do in-depth research with legible and reliable references to put together professional articles for this service. Get my word for it – these never appear in my testimonials. The client gets all the credit for that.

SEO services/ Blog posts

Appealing content not only gets users glued and subscribed to your content but also generates traffic and increases your ROI in the long run. With well-written SEO content, you will rank better and be glad you got this service. I go the extra mile to ensure your website calls people to the action you intended. I write intriguing blog posts that will greatly increase your revenue. You smile to the mall now that no one visits the bank to withdraw cash nowadays.

Email Newsletters

Without a doubt, email marketing has grown by margins over the last few years. The ROI is worth every coin. A recent study by the Data and Marketing Association – a global leader in marketing analytics – showed that the ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing has risen to 44$ up from 38$. To fully get the results of email marketing, you would need to do it right. I am here to help. Are you interested? Let’s boost that revenue together!

Long-form posts and whitepapers

As a technology company or business, you can be a leader in your niche by showing your expertise through writing long-form posts that give value and educate your customers. Whitepapers are also a great way to flaunt that skill and builds trust with your clientele for your brand. I can help you with this part of your business as you focus on your core mandate.